The “auction method of marketing” is a great option for a seller to consider when they need or want to sell the contents of their home or sell their home.    An auction is a great selling tool for just about any situation such as estate liquidation, retirement or a move to another location, foreclosure, bankruptcy or divorce.

For centuries, auctions have been one of the oldest forms of selling.  Here are a few reasons you might want to consider having an auction:

  • It provides a very competitive atmosphere, resulting in top dollar.
  • Buyers come prepared and willing to buy.
  • The auctioneer sets the price of the item or property and there is no haggling.
  • If you are selling real estate, your property can be sold as is where is, so you don’t have to make home improvements before sale.
  • Your personal items or property is sold in one day.

If your location is suitable (pertaining to zoning and any HOA rules and regs) for an on-site auction to liquidate the contents of your personal property or you want to sell your real estate through auction, please Contact Us for a free evaluation.

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